Holistic Birth Experiences with Birth of a Goddess in Parkland, FL

A newborn baby sleeps in a purple swaddle with hands and feet sticking out after birth of a goddess

Doulas are trained providers to support women through pregnancy and childbirth. They provide physical and emotional guidance to create holistic childbirth experiences for expecting women. At Birth of a Goddess, women receive top-quality doula care and empowerment to support their childbirth experience. Welcome your baby through a positive and encouraging space. 

About Birth of a Goddess

Birth of a Goddess is woman-owned and operated by Jennifer Radnay. She believes in women having the opportunity and support for natural childbirth. Jennifer has supported women in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County in South Florida since 2017. Guiding women before childbirth to lead them to build their confidence in their healthcare decisions. During labor and delivery, she is there to create an honest and sacred space for women to welcome their newborns. 

A newborn baby smiles in her sleep while wrapped in a yellow swaddle and wearing a matching floral headband


Birth of a Goddess believes that women have the choice to give birth in any way they wish. Doula services through the practice can be utilized for hospital births, at-home births, births at a birthing center, and many more birthing experiences. They believe women are in control of their own bodies, and Birth of a Goddess providers help to welcome babies in any way a mother desires. Breathing and meditation techniques are part of a doula’s preparation for expecting mothers to utilize during labor and birth. Women utilizing doula services have had more success breastfeeding, reduced need for a c-section, and requirement for medical interventions. Benefits include higher self-esteem, less anxiety, and reduced postpartum depression. Doulas create a sacred space for women during childbirth to support a positive experience for both mother and child. 

A newborn baby sleeps on a moon pillow with her head resting on her hands with help from birth of a goddess


Doulas provide support to reduce the need for intervention during birth and a holistic birthing process. Birth of a Goddess offers birth education and preparation classes for expecting parents in addition to their doula services. As each birth is unique, inquire with the staff to begin a birthing plan for your baby’s arrival. Birth of Goddess is passionate about supporting women in any birthing plan. Water births, Hypnotherapy births, and physiological births are just a few of the additional non-traditional birthing styles they support. The practice works with a team of providers, including midwives, OBGYNs, chiropractors, fertility specialists, as well as many more specialists. Keep up to date about their specials and events by subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media. 

Birth of a Goddess

The use of doula services is increasing as women strive to prepare for childbirth experiences with fewer interventions and more self-choices. At the Birth of a Goddess, Jennifer has a passion for supporting women in their labor and childbirth experiences. 

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