Get The Best Breastfeeding Support With a Lactation Consultant in Boca Raton

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If you are going to breastfeed your newborn, you will likely benefit from the support of a lactation consultant in Boca Raton. Lactation consultants are specialists who can guide you in the journey of breastfeeding. They can answer any questions you may have or with any difficulties you may experience while breastfeeding. Every woman’s adventure into motherhood and breastfeeding is unique. The professionals at these three locations will guide and educate you on ways to help your newborn thrive. 

Find Your Lactation Consultant in Boca Raton To Feel Fully Confident For Your Baby’s Arrival

Breastfeeding Center of Boca Raton

The lactation consultants at the Breastfeeding Center of Boca Raton’s goal is to make breastfeeding comfortable and enjoyable. Group classes and private sessions are available to cater to the unique needs of every mother. Prenatal educational workshops teach the benefits of breastfeeding and the foundation of how to provide for your child’s nutrition naturally. When you are looking to return to work, they offer a workshop on how to pump and store in the workplace. Ready to get started? Register for their classes online. 

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Mom’s Breast Friend

Lactation Consultant Sasha Lansing created Mom’s Best Friend in Boca Raton to support mom’s postpartum. She guides moms through breastfeeding and feeding support with her in-home visits. Sasha’s at-home visits provide a full-service lactation consultation. She can address any issues you may be having, such as latching, positioning, and discussing your goals. In the local community, she teaches group classes and facilitates support groups for moms. All classes and group locations can be found on her website. When you are ready to book with Sasha, her calendar is easily available online to find a time that meets your needs. 

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Boca Breastfeeding

Nichole Salisbury has been an experienced lactation consultant in Boca Raton for the past 20 years. She provides new moms support with latching, pumping, milk production, and all the questions that arise while breastfeeding. She provides care through in-home visits to allow moms the most comfortable setting for breastfeeding. Her customized approach allows every woman to maximize their breastfeeding journey and goals. She will work with you and your baby to create a plan that will enhance the growth and development of your little one. If you are interested, she also teaches prenatal classes in the local area. Inquire on her website for more information and class dates.  

Lactation Consultant Boca Raton

Finding the perfect lactation consultant in Boca Raton will add another support tool for your family. From prenatal education to guided support breastfeeding a newborn, they will be there each step of your journey. These certified consultants all have extensive experience and education to provide your family with the highest quality of care.  

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