Have a Natural Childbirth with Palms Birth House in Delray Beach!

A newborn baby smiles in its sleep on a wicker bed in a studio surrounded by white flowers and vines

When you enter the Palms Birth House, you will feel like you are entering a warm home. Their space is intimate, and they have created a positive environment for childbirth. The team of midwives at the Palms Birth House can reduce the need for intervention through natural childbirth services. All of their practices and information are backed with evidence-based information to help you better understand your body and baby. 

About Palms Birth House

If you are looking for intimate and focused care, you will find it at the Palms Birth House. Their goal is to create a nurturing, caring, and empowering place for women during their pregnancy journey. This facility is woman-owned and operated by Midwife Elizabeth Charron. She has been serving the Delray Beach community since 2010 alongside her support team of women. As a midwife, she can create customized birthing plans that are safe, comfortable, and holistic. The goal at the center is to reduce the need for intervention during pregnancy through natural ways. Through natural birthing, women are empowered and more confident as they welcome their newborn into the world. 

A newborn baby girl in a pink onesie sleeps on her knees and elbows on a wooden bed covered in pink flowers palms birth house


The Palms Birth House provides prenatal care, labor & delivery support, and postpartum care. You can choose from comprehensive care concierge services as you need. At their facility, they limit the number of birthing patients per month to create an intimate and calm space for you during childbirth. Their two private birthing suites will make you feel at home. With a private bathroom and space for a birthing tub, you will have everything you need. The team provides circle care for women who wish to be in a support group during care. The Circle Care provides health assessments, educational workshops, and other activities along with other expecting women. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a white lace swaddle in a bird's nest surrounded by small flowers after arriving at palms birth house


If you are looking for placenta encapsulation or a prenatal massage, the Palms Birth House offers those services. In their on-site massage room, you can relax and increase blood circulating through the hands of a masseuse. Placenta encapsulation is a centuries-old tradition to improve mood and recovery postpartum. On site, they also have a boutique filled with soaps, jewelry, and other trinkets you may wish for during pregnancy. 

Palms Birth House

If you are an expecting mother, you will find holistic and natural birthing care at the Palms Birth House. This birthing facility in Delray Beach has a team of professional providers who will support and guide you through your journey into motherhood. Above all, you can expect the best care throughout your pregnancy with the support of a seasoned midwife. Their private birthing suites come equipped with everything you need during labor and delivery to make you feel at home. From prenatal care to massages and more, you will find those extra special touches at the Palms Birth House. 

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