Preparing for Baby with Prenatal Massage in Coral Springs

A newborn baby sleeps in a green knit onesie while holding balloons

Your body grows and changes daily while carrying your baby, so treat yourself to a prenatal massage in Coral Springs. The expert massage therapists will help you to reduce pain, increase flexibility, and allow space for your growing baby. 

Relieve Pain and Increase Flexibility with Prenatal Massage in Coral Springs

Belly Love Spa

Belly Love Spa in Coral Springs has a variety of body treatments, including prenatal massage. Choose from individual massage services or indulge in their Mom-to-Be service packages. Induction massages are available for expecting mothers at least 39 weeks along. 

This massage will use acupuncture and natural points on the body to encourage your body to enter labor. Postpartum massages are available for mothers after birth to increase sleep, reduce pain, and allow for relaxation. Follow Belly Love on social media for specials and promotions. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a bright dress on a green bed prenatal massage coral springs

Body & Soul Wellness Retreat

Since 2001, Body & Body Wellness Retreat has been South Florida’s premier wellness center. Their prenatal treatments include massage, facials, pedicures, and yoga. The staff are highly trained and certified, providing the highest quality treatments for all clients. Join their self-care monthly memberships for recurring services. Visit their wellness boutique for natural products. 

Baby Wellness Massage

Improve circulation, reduce pain, and reduce swelling in your body through prenatal massage at Baby Wellness Massage in Coral Springs. Postpartum massages are available for mothers after birth to reduce stress, increase sleep, and work to restore their bodies. Baby and toddler massages are available by owner and therapist Marie-Josee Bernard. 

Receive instructions on how to give your baby a massage at home. Promote your baby’s physical and emotional health through gentle touch. Additionally, group classes are available on-site. The classes allow parents to connect with each other, and special guests will discuss various health topics. 

A newborn baby sleeps on a green bed with a matching headband prenatal massage coral springs

Rising Elements Massage

Frequent prenatal massage can reduce pain and prepare your body for childbirth in a holistic approach. Rising Elements Massage in Coral Springs can provide physical, emotional, and spiritual relief through therapeutic bodywork sessions. With each session, you will allow your body to heal and restore itself through gentle relaxation. 

Massages are unique to each client’s needs and relaxation goals. Focus on yourself during this time of daily body changes and connect with your growing baby. Once your baby is born, your body will still need attention to reduce pain, improve circulation, and improve sleep through postpartum massages. 

Prenatal Massage Coral Springs

Relax, unwind, and restore your body through a prenatal massage in Coral Springs. Indulge in facial, body treatment, nail therapy, and more at the area spas. Allow yourself time for self-care and restore harmony in your body, mind, and soul. 

Now, let’s plan your newborn’s first photo session. The few days after birth will fly by, and you will be happy to have prepared a newborn session before their arrival. The pictures I can capture of your newborn will remind you of the times when they were so tiny and precious.